Sept 18,  2023


Please be considerate of time and kind in word when speaking at the township business meeting.

6:45pm           Review and approve claims for payment.

7:00pm                       Pledge of Allegiance. Please rise and remove head wear

Additions to agenda?  Motion to accept.

Review meeting minutes from Aug Monthly Township meeting.

Treasurer’s report

  • Township accounts – checking /  CDs  /  Grant  /  ARPA
  • Ron Olson escrow bill
  • Carver Fire Check never received

Planning and Zoning

  • Septic Variance Mary Psihos 18125 Kelly Lake Rd.

Road & Bridge Report

  • Road Review Report from Aug 28th

Citizens Committee 

Old Business

  • Repair Ivy’s Mailbox
  • FEMA monies are owed to us from the State. Heidi is in contact with State Rep.
  • Special Meeting regarding process, protocol and decorum with
    • MAT Attrny Steve Fenske
  • Request for dust control on Carver Highlands/Wildlife road

New Business

  • Resolution to approve 2024 Levy
  • Certify Road miles at 25.67

Notes from the Clerk

  • Misthaven Platt has been filed
  • Attending Clerk Accounting (CTAS) training on Sept 20th

Open Forum


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