May 13,  2024


Please be kind and considerate when speaking at the township business meeting.

5:45pm           Review and approve claims for payment.

6:00pm           Pledge of Allegiance. Please rise and remove head wear.

  • Additions to the agenda? Motion to accept.
  • Review April Monhly Meeting Minutes and Road Review minutes and BOA meeting

Open Forum

  • Public comments (2 min ea.)

Treasurer’s report

  • Township accounts – checking / CDs / Grant /  ARPA
  • ARPA (SLFRF) report

Planning and Zoning

  • Driveway and Access permit apps. Approval?

Road & Bridge Report

  • Dust coating – Josh Bugbee, Dan Westin, Bob Olson  /  Roger Falkenstein
  • Action items from Road Review
  • Create Road Project List?
  • Relocation of Koepp Dr – Erik Loomis
  • Sign 15105 Halsey?

CAC Report

  • Newsletter
  • Informational speakers

Old Business

  • Ramp status.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Co Rd 40 closure – county dust coating on 188th and 182nd

New Business

  • Fire meeting (attended by 3 supervisors)
  • Bathroom / interior update

Notes from the Clerk

  • Metronet internet installation point of building entry
  • MAT survey


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