Agenda 2021-04-19 (proposed)



April 19, 2021

Meeting held via Zoom  # ID: 825 8305 5982   –   709200


6:45pm                Review and approve claims for payment.

7:00pm                 Pledge of Allegiance. Please rise and remove head wear.

  • New Board Member Appointment
  • Review Minutes from March Meeting
  • Treasurer’s report.

Planning and Zoning

  • Callie Trimbo driveway
  • Kindred Prairie Driveway
  • Ted Holsten project name change from Fairhaven to Misthaven.
    • No longer a joint project with Roger Falkenstien.
    • Two County meeting about above projects. April 7 & 20th

Road & Bridge Report

  • Road agreement with Dalgren Township
  • Kerber Trucking Culvert
  • Set Road Review Meeting
  • Ron Olson –  Field Tile broken under township road


  • Ron Olson –  EAW Review Extension
  • Ron Olson County Admin. Permit restoration

Citizens Committee

  • Plans and specs for remodel
  • Plaque for Historical status

Old Business:

  • Utility Right of Way Ordinance
  • Defining Township Road project

New Business

Notes from the Clerk


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