Download the Dustcoat Application Form 2019

TO:  San Francisco Township Residents

RE:  Dust Coating Program 2018    May 14th DEADLINE

San Francisco Township will once again make the Dust coating program available to it’s residents on gravel.  The program guidelines will be similar to last year.  Cost this year is $50 per 100 feet @ 18’ wide. ($5/100 less than last year).  The more continuous distance of roadway coated, the greater the discount you’ll receive.

This program only allows for a discount with a continuous application, with no breaks, partnering with your neighbor is encouraged for a larger discount. One person will need to represent each invoice and submit One Check payment for the group. The bill for the dust coating must be paid to the Township Clerk by the resident or representative of the group by May 14th.  Private roads within the township may apply for the discount.  We will also dustcoat driveways within the township, but there will be NO discount. 

Please remember You Are Electing to Dust Coat at Your Own Risk.  San Francisco township will try to avoid any grading of roads that are treated, however if any roadway gets rough and needs grading or other repairs after it has been coated, no reimbursement will be given.  No Exceptions.


PROGRAM GUIDELINES: Apply the following discount to the payment you submit.

  • Driveways less than 100 feet                  pay $0.50 / ft
  • 100-500 continuous feet                    $37.50 / 100 ft
  • 501-800 continuous feet                    $32.50 /100 ft
  • 801-2500 continuous feet                  $27.50 / 100 ft
  • Over 2500 continuous feet                $22.50 / 100 ft

You must mark the footage to be Dust Coated with highly visible stakes.  Start and stop points. 

Download the Dustcoat Application Form 2019