Townhall Restoration


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    • Background Information

      The Town Hall is the only public building in our growing San Francisco Township. We are proud that our Town Hall has been placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

      To preserve a legacy for future generations, the Town Hall has undergone: extensive exterior repair to the deteriorating foundation, brick siding, and chimney; new windows have been installed, and the outside has been painted. The exterior construction is essentially complete, with minor final repairs yet to be performed.

      The Township retained an architect to design and plan the repair and assist in obtaining a grant. The construction/stabilization project was accomplished with a MN Historical Society Legacy Grant at no cost to the citizens of San Francisco Township.

      The construction performed will allow the Town Hall to be stable and a lasting legacy for the Township.

      Please share your opinions on the project in the survey below to provide some guidance to the Town Board Supervisors.

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