WHEREAS, San Francisco Township finds that the safety of its residents is furthered when police, fire and other emergency personnel can quickly identify the address of residences and businesses located in San Francisco Township; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco Township desires to adopt a standard address format and posting location for all residences and businesses located in San Francisco Township; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco Township desires that said standard address format and posting location apply to all existing and all future residences and businesses located in San Francisco Township;


Owners of all residential, commercial and industrial property located in San Francisco Township upon which a structure has been constructed on or after the effective date of this ordinance shall, within 30 days of the issuance of a building permit for the construction of said structure, post a metal address sign fifteen inches long by six inches high, said sign to be placed corresponding to said property. Said sign shall have numbers and/or letters at least four inches tall on both sides of the sign clearly displaying the address assigned to the property. The numbers and/or letters shall be white and the background of the sign shall be blue constructed of engineer grade reflective material of a quality meeting or exceeding Minnesota Department of Transportation Standard number on, AASHTO M 268 Class 1. The bottom of each sign shall be posted at a height no less than five feet above the road grade and no more than six feet above the road grade. Where the mailbox is not located directly between the road and the addressed property, or when placing the sign near the mailbox may result in confusion as to which property the sign is addressing, then the signs shall be placed near the driveway entrance at the edge of the shoulder of the road. The signs shall be posted in such a manner that all numbers and/or letters on each side of the sign are visible from the traveled surface of the road.

Each property owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of said signs such that both sides of said signs remain visible at all times from the traveled surface of the road. If a sign is destroyed or stolen, a new one will be replaced by the Township at the current cost to the Township. The cost will be billed to the property owner.

The penalty for the violation of this ordinance shall be a fine of $100.00 plus the costs of enforcement of this ordinance, including attorney’s fees, incurred by the Township.

The Township reserves the right to install signs upon any property for which a sign is not installed within the time limits required under this ordinance, provided the Township first mails notice of non-compliance with this ordinance to the property owner at least 30 days before the Township installs said sign. In the event the Township installs such a sign, the Township may specially assess the cost of the sign, all materials and labor incurred by the Township in installing said sign directly upon the property, and certify said special assessment to the Carver County Auditor.

This ordinance shall be effective upon passage and publication in the official Township newspaper.

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