Highway 40 Project

The Highway 40 Project will include pavement rehabilitation, resurfacing and shoulder widening of Highway 40 from Highway 25 to Highway 52.

The project will also include preliminary design of Highway 40 from Highway 52 to Highway 11.

Specific objectives of the project will include:

  • Widening of the shoulders
  • Flattening slopes
  • Correcting drainage issues
  • Implementing safety improvements
  • Rehabilitating the pavement surface

Now through March 26

Please view our presentation video and add comments to our interactive map and online survey on our website. This engagement opportunity is available during the first Open House, March 15 – 26. There will be another Open House later in the summer. Please provide feedback on these sites! We are looking for your input!

Project Materials for Review

Virtual Open House here

San Francisco Twp. Annual Meeting—County Updates

More Information

Additional information and updates, along with all the project links, can be found on the Highway 40 Project webpage here.

Project Contact

Cory Spanier

Carver County is working with our contractors and other partners to continue our construction projects safely and responsibly. Work will be conducted in accordance with guidelines related to COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible, including social distancing and hygiene.

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