2020 Notice of Presidential Nomination Primary Election

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To the Electors of the Township of San Francisco in the County of CARVER, State of Minnesota:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That a Presidential Nomination Primary Election will be held in all the Election Precincts of the above named CITY at San Francisco Town Hall 17380 Homestead Road Carver, MN in said Precinct, on Tuesday, the Third day of March, 2020, at which the polls will be open from the hour of 7:00A.M., to the hour of 8:00P.M. for the purpose of voting for each major party’s nominee for President.

Before voting in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Nomination Primary, Minnesota law requires that a voter select which major political party’s ballot the voter wants. If a voter refuses to select one party’s ballot, the voter cannot vote.

A voter’s choice of major political party will not be made public information except that, per Minnesota election law, it will be made available to election officials and to the chairs of each major political party after the Presidential Nomination Primary.

Dated 13-Feb-20 , 2020
Heidi Schmidt
San Francisco Township