Monday April 15th, 2019


6:45pm                 Review and approve claims for payment.

7:00pm                 Pledge of Allegiance. Please rise and remove head wear.

Monthly Business:

  • Minutes from March meeting review.
  • Treasurer’s report. 

Planning and Zoning

  • Xcel request to upgrade electric service in right of way on Market Ave (poles laying on Joyce Rd)
  • Kerber County Hearing: April 16th 7:00

Road & Bridge Report

  • Bid for dustcoating 2019

Mining:   Terry Overn

Citizens Committee

  • Applied for grant for determination of Historical eligibility

Old Business:

  • Animal Ordinance
  • Critter Getter Contract
  • Right of Way Ordinance

New Business

  • Public hearing for Draft 2040 Comp plan April 16th 7:00 Township pages 4-1 thru 4-5
  • Transportation plan for Carver County

Notes from the Clerk

  • Public Notice of intent to issue Solid Waste Permit in Shakopee
  • Permits:
    • Rademacher/Market Ave –  reroof
    • Janssen/174th –  Demo (unsigned)
  • Legal Seminar Albertville on June 13th